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Seniors often need an extra hand to live independently and safely in their homes. With Precious Memories™ in-home assistance our experienced staff will explore all available options and help tailor the best care possible for you and your loved ones.

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In 2017, my brother had a massive stroke which required a craniotomy. As a result it left him semiparalyzed. Initially, I took care of him which was a labor of love. My brother has been a great model as an older brother as well as a friend. It was a truly a labor of love. As time went on, due to having a family, in graduate school on a scholarship along with a full time job, I realized that I needed assistance with my brother. I was referred by Dr. Davis to Felicia Rhodes who Dr. Dr. Davis affectionately complimented Felecia on her 

 compassion and professionalism. Fast forward,  hiring her and her staff to assist in managing my brother’s care has lifted a load. It has allowed me to visit as his sister and as his friend Felecia’s staff is attentive, warm, compassionate, and professional. I highly recommend her services. It has been a true  blessing. 
- Veronica Wiggins

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Felicia Rhodes and her staff with Precious Memories Sitter Services has been a blessing to our family. After my mother had a stroke, they helped her move home from rehab and have provided wonderful caregiving services. While my family and I are out of town due to my husband’s job, I know she is in good hands. Felicia and her staff take her to church, appointments, outpatient therapy, and anywhere she wants to go! They participate in her therapy and have helped build her independence. I wanted the best care for her while we are out of town, and I know she is receiving it. They really care about my mother, which means so much to me!

- Katie Johnson

There is so much I can say about Precious Memories Sitter Services. The aid that comes to sit with my mother in law is patient, caring and is an overall companion. My mother in law suffered some major health issues which caused a total lifestyle change for her as well as my husband. Precious Memories came in full force to be an active part of her daily living activities. My mother in law looks forward to seeing the aid come in and takes joy in their conversations. Felicia Rhodes is exceptional in ensuring that ALL my mother in law needs are met. I feel favored to have her attentiveness when it comes down to the needs of my mother in law. Felicia Rhodes also is very considerate and understanding on so many levels. The loyalty that her aids have for her is exemplifiable and I admire their devotion to Rhodes. I would recommend anyone to consider Precious Memories as 1st choice in caring for love ones, family members and friends. Precious Memories Rocks!! 

- Toccara Reese

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