Apostle Rhodes is deeply rooted in the heart of the Father. Here love for God is evident in how she treats people along here path.

Well know and respected in here community, she uses the ministry to be a blessing to people of all ages and backgrounds. Apostle Rhodes works with other local organizations and ministries to provide assistance to families in need. These acts of services include a yearly back-to- school giveaway and clothing drive for children in need. She also coordinates a yearly Toys-For-Tot’s dive in the community. Mrs. Rhodes is involved in various leadership and mentoring programs. These programs include basketball and dance camps for children as well as empowerment workshops for women.

Apostle Rhodes is a licensed marriage mentor, providing educational programs for both single and married couples. Mrs. Rhodes is passionate about the elderly. She willingly spends her time and resources working to provide them with the best possible opportunities and care.

Awaken the Church within the community.

Apostle Felicia Rhodes -Founder

As the founder of Women Of Power & Influence™, Apostle Rhodes received her vision from God and then acted upon His vision thereby making it a reality.  God is using the persistence, flexibility and resources of Apostle Rhodes to awaken the Church within the community to a new level of commitment to serve the holistic needs of community outside the framework of the church building.

Vibrant, enthusiastic, devoted, and passionate are all key attributes that describe the spirit of Apostle Felicia Rhodes.  It also describes the way she goes forth utilizing her gifts manifested through the Holy Spirit from God.  Apostle Rhodes strives to bring souls into the kingdom to ensure that no soul is left behind.

God has empowered her to be a motivator and a shaker; healing, delivering and setting the captives free.  Apostle Rhodes is an anointed teacher and preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about change and a spiritual breakthrough in the lives of all men and women; young and old.

Her experience in the juvenile court system has equipped here in the ministry outreach to the juvenile correction center. Guiding young offenders to find a better path in life.

Apostle Rhodes through Felicia Rhodes Ministries is currently reaching the world via social media with her in-depth weekly teaching of the word of God.

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